~In Ryo Chan & Shige Kun DreamLand~

22 November 1988
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[Nishikido Ryo] put his jacket over the rain puddle so I wouldn't get wet

Nishikido Ryo is my boyfriend

~ [Nishikido Ryo] gave me an autographed [Poster of himself] on my birthday. ~

I married [Nishikido Ryo] , and we adopted [Yamada Ryosuke] to complete our happy little FAMILY!

Nishikido RyoOhkura TadayoshiShigeaki Kato puzzle pieces of my S O U L

I and [Sakubabe] went to Tokyo, searching for evidences of [RyoShige], and we really saw them in a Café - secretly HOLDING HANDS under the table

We were playing »Truth or Dare«, and I dared {Nishikido Ryo} to § FRENC KISS § {Shigeaki Katou} on his Lips, HE DID! and OMG {Shigeaki Katou} was blushing like MAD!!

Kato Shigeaki~ Confessed his love to me on Valentines Day ~

before our date to the cherry blossom festival, Shigeaki Kato gave me a beautiful handmade yukata to wear.

♥ » I saw [Ohkura Tadayoshi] and [Shigeaki Kato] sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

I married [Ohkura Tadayoshi] but cheated him off with [Shigeaki Kato] >> BLOGCREW

I love [Ohkura Tadayoshi & Shigeaki Kato].

I saw [Katou Shigeaki] and [Ohkura Tadayoshi] F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G ☼ one day ☼…
and later found out they were fighting over M.E.!

~ I went camping with {Ohkura Tadayoshi} and {Shigeaki Katou}.
We had a lot of fun!! ~


Aishiteru。Because you are my everything *Ohkura Tadayoshi*

[Ohkura Tadayoshi] & I went on a Double Date with [Kamenashi Kazuya] & sakubabe ♥ .

†~I wantMamoritai(Ohkura Tadayoshi)to be played ♫on my funeral♫~†

I`m [Ohkura Tadayoshi]`s self-proclaimed wife. *Shot again*

One night, I heard someone singing [Mamoritai] at my doorstep.Only to find out it was [Ohkura Tadayoshi] serenading me.♥

♪" If only you could hear me shout your name,
If only you could feel MY LOVE again,
The stars ★ in the sky will never be the same,
If only, YOU were here."
~[Ohkura Tadayoshi]

» Ohkura Tadayoshi makes the hot part of me ~feel b.e.t.t.e.r~ «

When I played TWISTER: THE HOT SPOT with {Ohkura Tadayoshi}, {Ohkura Tadayoshi} ended up moving his LEFT HAND to YELLOW his RIGHT LEG toRED, and since he had such difficulties, he FELL on TOP of ME. Then, {Masuda Takahisa} started to take PICTURES OF US and placed them all over the ROOM.

Number One Fangirl of: Akanishi Jin
Self-proclaimed Wife of: Ohkura Tadayoshi


Uchi Hiroki Fire Rat

[Uchi Hiroki] just booked our HONEYMOON to HAWAII

In the night, me and [Uchi Hiroki] lie on the grassland and look up at the night sky while holding hands

•••~I accidentally bumped onto [Uchi Hiroki] while I was strolling around Shibuya, helped me get up, accompanied me during my shopping trip, and sang karaoke with me.~•••

I shared an ice-cream with 【Uchi Hiroki】 and he started licking my lips so we ended up kissing endlessly (& breathlessly)

Uchi Hiroki→ is my anti-drug

I tasted the cherry-flavored condoms that [Uchi Hiroki] wore last night

[Uchi Hiroki] will be the death of me

([Uchi Hiroki]) said to me: "I never knew what Love was, until I met you. "

[Uchi Hiroki] is my fatal attraction

I’m the only one in his heart » [Uchi Hiroki]

>> [Uchi Hiroki] loves me more than anything else. He said so himself

» When I was making a cake , [Uchi Hiroki] entered the kitchen, approached me with words "you are sweeter than all cakes in the world", licked cream from my fingers and we ended up kissing «

When the wind blows cold & the snow falls, Uchi Hiroki puts his warm jacket on me.

[Uchi Hiroki] took me on a romantic trip to [Beach]

Uchi Hirokihug me in his arms while we wait for the sunrise together.

« I held [Uchi Hiroki] 's hand while watching a monster movie at his place. »

Why yes, I`m [Akanishi Jin]`s number one fangirl. *Shot*


I PLAYED the [POCKY game] with --Yasuda Shota-- and got more than just the smashing ~CHOCOLATE~♥.

I went to the [BEACH] with --Yasuda Shota-- where we got *MESSY* smashing ~WATERMELONS~♥.

[Yasuda Shota] is my own personal teddy bear. I can't sleep without him in my arms~!

Yasuda Shota made me realize that there is such a thing as love.』

[Yasuda Shota] told me, we are in love forever. even after death. Death doesn't separate our love

[Yasuda Shota]’s smile is only reserved for me

I want ALL of Yasuda Shota's love. I'm that selfish.

[Yasuda Shota] is my special happiness.

& my fairytale story comes true; [Yasuda Shota] kisses me when I am sleeping ♥♥

4Masuda Takahisa3’s wet kisses are
highly addictive! (I just couldn’t resist him!)

» OMG! ~『[Masuda Takahisa]』~ is the best kisser in the world! Trust me I know what I'm saying! He kissed me yesterday and I totally went to heaven ^Q^ «

~ {Aiba Masaki} will kiss me on Valentines Day! ~

[Aiba Masaki] sings me to sleep every single night! Photobucket

--Aiba Masaki--TOOK *ME* out of my ~BOX~ and ::WOUND:: [ME UP]♥.

『Aiba Masaki』cuddle me in HIS bed with hugs and kisses ALL NIGHT LONG until I fell asleep in the arms of his HOT & SEXY BODY♥♥♥

When I can't fall asleep, [Aiba Masaki(Arashi] sings me [Lady Spider(NEWS)] as a lullaby♫, KISSES me, makes strip-tease♥♥ and becomes my teddy bear

[Aiba Masaki]stripped for me and I for HIM

[Aiba Masaki] said to me { My HEART goes boom http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/6863/jklaj5.gif boom when I get next to YOU }

»:: *Aiba Masaki*....
Yes, he's my ichiban.

{ Aiba Masaki } said to me; " I'd do anything for you, honey " ~ ♥

On WHITE DAY, { Aiba Masaki } sang { Love So Sweet ♫ } for me while holding my hand in front of people

☆彡Junnosuke Taguchibanged me like a screendoorin a HURRICANE彡☆

☆彡Junno_Aiba88 banged Junnosuke Taguchilike a screendoor in a HURRICANE彡☆

Junnosuke Taguchi sang [Precious One] to me, passionately

I LOVE how Sakurai Sho whispers softly things only I should hear

¤ My best friend is [Sakurai Sho]


Murakami Shingo surprised me with a bouquet of red roses and a white gold diamond ring~


OMG! *Murakami Shingo* Won't stop singing me LOVE SONGS w/ his SEXY VOICE!♪

*Murakami Shingo* must be TIRED 'cause he's been running through my mind ALL DAY!

♥ I had candlelit dinner with ¤ 『 Murakami Shingo 』 ¤ on Valentine's day! ♥♥

[Murakami Shingo] is my royal court jester ~ !

[Murakami Shingo] took me to the beach, THREW me into the ocean, I drowned & so he gave me mouth to mouth~!

[Murakami Shingo] blows me kisses everyday~! Photobucket

♥ I had candlelit dinner with ¤ 『
Murakami Shingo 』 ¤ on Valentine's day! ♥♥

[Murakami Shingo] ← is exactly my brand of heroin

Murakami Shingo is my sweetest T-E-M-P-T-A-T-I-O-N

I Baked Cookies for [Murakami Shingo] on Valentine's Day .

+ on white day, *Murakami Shingo* gave me a dozen roses, a ENORMOUS box of chocolates, and a romantic dinner while watching the sunset +

MY VALENTINE IS «» Murakami Shingo

[Murakami Shingo]- [LICKED ME] like he was ~SEALING~ an ENVELOPE♥.

I went Star Gazing with [Murakami Shingo] ★ .

» [Murakami Shingo]« and I FIGHT a LOT!!! But making up is really hot FUN~! ♪

In evening, when I & 『Murakami Shingo』 were on the beach, he gave me ♥ a promise ♥ that we will be together forever. We'll have a big ♥ wedding♥ where I'll can meet my idols from ★ JE ★

[VERB. n. (i) Murakami Shingo (ii) it's what who I do ;)]

-Murakami Shingo- said that he'll always protect me from everything bad in this world..
~No matter what..~
Awww, i think i love him even more now!

When I went to [Kanjani 8]'s concert, [Murakami Shingo] invited me backstage and asked me for a ♥~HOT DATE~♥

►►►My birthday is in the same month as [Yuya Tegoshi]


I spent a hot summer in Greece with Maruyama Ryuhei

I will give chocolates to Maruyama Ryuhei for valentine's day

[Maruyama Ryuhei] Photobucket lights up Photobucket my L.I.F.E.!!!


yamada ryosuke ← (i'd tap that)

[Takaki Yuya] is my royal court jester ~ !

I’m the reason behind [Takaki Yuya]’s smile

On White Day, Yamashita Shoon gave me hand-made treats in return for the gifts that I gave him on Valentines

☆ 「 Yamashita Shoon 」 From Valentine's to White Day

Arioka Daiki gave me a jar of paper stars to make my wish come true. ★ ★ The truth is...I wished for him.

In our winter holiday to ASPEN, 《Arioka Daiki》 taught me how to ski and warmed me after at the fireplace in our lodge ❤

§『Morimoto Shintaro』§ is my personal ~JAILBAIT~

i had an AFFAIR with [Kawai Fumito]

Kawai Fumitois my date for VALENTINE ♥ this year!

|| ♡Kawai Fumito|| asked for MY number on my BIRTHDAY~!!

I got *Kawai Fumito* for my birthday

Yaotome Hikaru holds the to my

I SPENT Valentine's Day together with [Imai Tsubasa] .

Yuu Shirota is my special angel

【Kazama Shunsuke】 is my PRINCE CHARMINGand we live happily ever after! ❤

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