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31 October 2007 @ 03:51 pm
Title: Unforgettable
Author: Junno_aiba88/Blurly_gal88 
Pairing: RyoXUchi, OhkuraXUchi, RyoTego
Fandom: NewS/Kanjani8
Rating: G/Fluff/Angst
Summary: sorry.. I am bad at summary… I am not sure if I want to write it as a muti-going chapters.. if you want more of it, please comment.. first time writing a BL Fic…

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17 July 2007 @ 12:47 pm
This is the first time me and my friend, Sakura Chan writing a fic about them.so please read it and comment it. thank you. 

Sakura chan and me are discussing on the nest chapter... so please forward to it ne.... Arigatou ne....
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18 December 2006 @ 10:24 pm
hmmm.. so tired.. long time never write in here le.. quit my job at swensen finalli.. but then i miss there alot orh.. noe i workin full time at my mum place.. so boring, notink to do there.. and have to wake up earli.. so sian lol.. haha.. hoe i wish i can go back in time.. but well what is over means over liao.. no turning back..

later watching 1 litres of tears.. chinese version not nice lol.. not interesting when they talk.. still prefer ryo voices.. dont feel like watchin.. but got ryo lol.. haha..

recently i learnin to drive orh.. so happi.. but very troublesome lei.. then i enjoy the lesson lar.. hope that my basic evalution will pass.. so i can go to the next stage.. haha..

arh.. so mani things to buy.. next year calendar, vcds, cds,etc..... wow.. haha.. kanjani 8 de single out liao lol.. but then haven received yet.. mise always so slow.. haha.. but then i still buy from them lar.. cheaper.. hehe.. long time never go mise liao.. donnoe got new thinks come anot..

Uchi.... hmmm.... faster come back lei.. miss you n ryo together.. u never come back.. ryo always alone de lol.. haha.. my poor ryo.. hahaha..

k lar.. i will end here.. den here wishin everyone a happy merry christmas n a happy new year..
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05 September 2006 @ 10:14 pm
hi.. long time never write in here le.. haha.. hmmm just dl hug song from my thai frenz.. very nice orh the song.. it call hug by DBSK.. well i dun reali like them.. but the song is reali veri nice.. haha.. recently i am addicted to Kanjani 8 orh.. the song also.. all i can sae is nice nice nice.. haha.. i have the whole song from kanjani 8.. so happi.. wa.. the more i c ryo n yasuda.. the more i like them.. haha.. hmmm... 2 more weeks i goin to work full time.. so fast.. goin to have no time for mi le.. maybe tis year bdae.. i might need to work orh.. haha.. well no choice.. hmmm.. ok lar.. i just end off here..
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18 July 2006 @ 08:54 pm
hmmm.. todae i took a dae off rest at home.. very tired and abit of flu and headache.. haiz.. but now very energetic le.. haha.. because i sleep till 3pm den wake up.. got a long time never sleep till so long le.. haha.. tml have to be back at work again.. can sae quite fun and boring lar when going back to work.. haha.. wow.. now already mid july.. time passes so fast.. haiz.. going old soon.. haha.. next year i will be takin o level.. scare very difficult man.. no time left for mi next year liao.. haiz.. but it worth it lar.. can find a better job using o cert.. hmmmm.. next month national dae.. as well as suising bdae.. we will be celebrating for her orh.. but the resent i still not sure wat to buy yet.. haiz.. so headache.. hehe.. ok lar.. i will end off here todae.. will write in some other dae.. take care.. good luck..
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01 June 2006 @ 08:44 pm
hi.. i online again.. haha.. now finding guan huai fang shi de mp3.. wow.. tis song very nice lol.. hehe.. well.. todae i wake up quite earli.. 1st time tis year orh.. so abit not so use to it.. haha.. but after wen i came back from tat place.. i sleep for 4 hours.. now so energetic.. wel i not sure wat i going to write on le.. so i might be ending off here for todae.. but just wanna sae that i am very happy todae.. FINALLY CAN GO BACK TO STUDY LE.. haha.. den bye..
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